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April 21, 2012

Favorite blogs – part one

I started to count the blogs on my roll in order to use that number in an introductory sentence,  but got bored after counting  to 175. Realistically,  I subscribe to over 300 and read all of the new posts by about 100 of them every day. Here are a few that I adore:

#Free Anissa

In a word, inspirational. In another (three) word(s), social media diva. She is brilliant, strong, creative, funny and witty. See her also on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

The Bad Luck Detective

“Suzie” entered the police academy in her 40s. She’s also an excellent writer and has or will have a published book.  Her stories are funny, but also proof that if you dream it, you can do it (with a boatload of hard work).

The Bodacious Boomer

I found this charming writer after a search for midlifer blogs and subscribed immediately.  This woman is a (hard-working, down-to-earth) peach!

Bye, Bye, Pie

I’m sad that June is on somewhat of a hiatus. She is comedic, but uses words to transform a fairly normal life into comedy rather than writing comedy purely for comedy. She is so well-loved, she has a fan club on Facebook.

Confessions of a Cashier

Written by a young woman working a family business, she chronicles the funny of quick-stop customers. Based on the quality of her writing and the insight in her observations, this young woman is much too bright to be a cashier forever, family business or not.

The Pioneer Woman

Don’t we all want to be Ree? She is the penultimate blogger, and also has published books, gorgeous children, a handsome husband and a food network show.


Another biggie in the blogosphere, Heather Champ is one of the few with an actual profitable blogging business. She is currently in repeat, and has stumbled a bit lately, but remains one of the best in the business.

Facing 50 With Humuor

Carol Wyer is another funny mid-lifer, and has a book (that I purchased for a friend) entitled Mini-Skirts and Laughter Lines.  Her lighthearted attitude about her grumpy husband, party girl mother and life in the UK make for great reading.

Law-Momma (Spilled Milk {and other atrocities})

This blog is the self-told story of a lawyer and mother, trying to do the best by her young son.  Until recently, it has been riveting by being angst-ridden, but even in relative peace, this woman is a strong, likable character and I can’t help but wish the best for her.

I apply a lot of self-made rules of blogging to the blogs that I read, and would never forgive myself if I didn’t apply those same rules when blogging myself, so in the interest of Keep is Short, Sister, I’ll continue my list of favorites in my next entry.

August 19, 2011

Types o’bloggers

I’m a blog reader. Not courageous enough, dependable enough, looking-for-affirmation-enough, up-with-social-media-enough, or, thoughtful enough to be a real blog writer.

I read blogs, though, a lot. Too much. For now, I know that there are some loosely categorize-able blog types:

1     Kids – pictures, I love them, and yes, they are cute. Really. I love to see those pictures.

2     Kids humor – deuce on the floor, pudding on the walls, “Dad, what is a hard-on?”

3     Art and photography, with sub-categories of vacation, house and garden and pets.

4     Pets

5    Manly humor, subcategories including kids, yay! Woot! And usually potty or sex humor. Also yay and Woot!

6     Style – nails, old lady fashion, young lady fashion, zaftig lady fashion.

7     Whining and self-aggrandizing.