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August 19, 2011

Types o’bloggers

I’m a blog reader. Not courageous enough, dependable enough, looking-for-affirmation-enough, up-with-social-media-enough, or, thoughtful enough to be a real blog writer.

I read blogs, though, a lot. Too much. For now, I know that there are some loosely categorize-able blog types:

1     Kids – pictures, I love them, and yes, they are cute. Really. I love to see those pictures.

2     Kids humor – deuce on the floor, pudding on the walls, “Dad, what is a hard-on?”

3     Art and photography, with sub-categories of vacation, house and garden and pets.

4     Pets

5    Manly humor, subcategories including kids, yay! Woot! And usually potty or sex humor. Also yay and Woot!

6     Style – nails, old lady fashion, young lady fashion, zaftig lady fashion.

7     Whining and self-aggrandizing.